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Wire and cable solutions for almost any type of port

We know what it takes to ensure high performance in the most demanding environments.

High-speed crane cables are exposed to a lot. Can yours withstand the elements?

Illustration of a thermometer Illustration of a raining cloud Illustration of the radiation warning symbol Illustration of arrows heading in opposite directions representing movement

Extreme temperatures, acid rain, and UV radiation – high-speed crane cables are tested by the most extreme environmental elements. On top of that, the constant rigorous movements from the reel drum and festoon pushes them to the limit. These challenging environments require the highest level of flexibility and durability.

Examples of various stripped wires and cables.

Prevent cable damage with the toughest products on the market

  • Paige carefully selects insulation material that improves mechanical stability and the lubricity of the inner conductors against each other
  • This reduces the likelihood of binding and mechanical stress
  • And is enhanced by our cable jacket material, which enhances tear and elongation properties and is designed and tested for longer life

We put our products to the test

Our quality lab not only checks that finished cable meets national and international design standards, it acts as a scientific torture chamber – imitating and accelerating the stressful environment crane cables must endure.

3 spools of black wire. One spool is leaning against the other two, which are stacked.

Our market-level port-expertise makes for the best customer experience

By combining innovative wire and cable solutions with a service-focused approach, Paige has become the go-to provider for application-driven products.

  • Fair, competitive pricing and a wide range of crane, power and data cable inventory
  • No order minimums, so you can get exactly what you need ‐ and nothing that you don't
  • Less required lead time so you don't have to adjust your timeline
  • Responsive customer service and support through every step of your project

Plenty of inventory to meet your product needs

High Speed Crane Cables

  • Reeling cables (bologna cables)
  • Festoon and fiber festoon cables
  • Trailing and drag cables
  • Composite MV cables

Power Cables

  • Control cables
  • Instrumentation cables
  • Tray cables
  • Medium and HV cables
  • Underground distribution cables
  • Overhead cables

Data Cables

  • Extended distance Ethernet cables
  • Security cable solutions
  • Access Control cables

Sundry Items

  • Fiber optics
  • Electrical plugs (pyle-national)
  • Splice kits (electrical and optical)
  • Cord
Workers in training program.

Need training? We've got you covered.

Our comprehensive training program is interconnection-related, solution based, hands-on, and highly detailed. From cable splicing to installation, we will customize our program to your port and needs.